#craziness #bored #university #life (at Universitas Kristen Petra)

#craziness #bored #university #life (at Universitas Kristen Petra)

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#craziness #bored #waiting #do #nothing  (at Universitas Kristen Petra)

#craziness #bored #waiting #do #nothing (at Universitas Kristen Petra)

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Little diary

Hi guys, long time I havent posted anything in this post. Now im already a sophomore! :-) and I think my life is more complicated than before.
I think everyone around me are becoming a friendemy. And I think I cant trust nobody now, even my family. Im feeling alone now and hope someone will understand me deeply.

Alone #lounge #like #a #boss #toyota (at Auto2000 Jemursari)

Cronut! #american #famous #harvest (at The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier)

Cronut! #american #famous #harvest (at The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier)

Frozen choco oreo #yummy #drinks #harvest (at The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier)

Frozen choco oreo #yummy #drinks #harvest (at The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier)


Hi, how are you? :D

Now I’m in holiday. I feel extremely bored @.@

I hope I find my new friends. Hehe

my boring holiday

Hey all..

what’s up?

long time no see in this tumblr..

finally I graduated from the high school. and I’ll move to Surabaya at 24Th June. I can’t wait for this because I’ll meet many new friends in the university. but I also sad because I must leave Banjarmasin, and maybe I’ll miss Banjarmasin, especially for the food, family, and friends. hehe.

in this very long long holiday, I face very boring day and day.. and I don’t think that my friends still remember me sometimes *how hectic I am* but that just what I think. And sometimes I feel bored with Banjarmasin because here’s no entertaining place. Banjarmasin only has 1 mall.

maybe I don’t understand why I feel bored in this holiday. and when I was at school time, I wish I’ll get holiday. I don’t know why, and I think my friends think so. anyway, I’ll face orientation week *ermm, maybe it’s called month actually* since 30Th June. and I’ll start my university day at 6Th August. I’ll go to Petra Christian University and my major study is Industrial engineering . I wish I can get a good score and pass with cum laude *too high expectation*. but nothing is impossible. haha.

I’ll miss my acceleration class friends. and I won’t forget our best moment. we experienced anything. happines, sadness, etc. and I can’t imagine when we’re far apart. *even half of the class moved to Surabaya*. but I think university life is different from high school life. Thanks guys. I’ll remember you all. 


finally, I’m graduated from High School. even I don’t know my score and I think my score isn’t fulfilling my expectation, but I’m very happy because I can graduate together with my friend. Thank God.

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